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Desk Set - American Walnut

By John Quan & Kumiko Nakajima of MONO

Made and designed in Adelaide by husband and wife duo - John Quan (furniture designer/maker) & Kumiko Nakajima (glass artist). Made from hot formed and cold worked glass, American Walnut timber and rare earth magnets. The Desk Set consists of the Border Card Holder, Lodge Paperclip Holder & Line Paperweight. Due to the hand made nature of the cold worked glass, dimensions will vary slightly. Each desk component can be purchased seperately.


  • Border Card Holder: 55 l x 60 w x 35mm h
  • Line Paperweight: 90 l x 40 w x 60mm h
  • Lodge Paperclip Holder: 50 l x 55 w x 45mm h


  • Timber
  • Glass